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Broad River Bobcats Do Disney

 We checked our “Disney box” this week, and today I’m going to share all about our experience as first timers. Nate and I both have gone when we were very young. He has some memories of it, but I did not so I considered this my first time. We knew the kids wanted to do it, and we felt the pressure to take them at least once, even though we are more  “lay on the beach” people. There are several things I want to say about the experience, so the best way for me to do this is number each point so I don’t ramble.  1: I’ll start with the positive. Disney is a jam-up operation. The people are nice, the place is huge, and there is something absolutely mesmerizing about the rides and entertainment- it’s like they say- magic. Maybe some abracadabra mess, but regardless, it’s insane what they are able to do these days, and there were moments when I “felt the magic” (specifically on Peter Pan, the Haunted Mansion, and Pirates of the Caribbean). It’s a huge place with nice people.  2: It was hotter

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